Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia
Paper and Paper Converting Industry Association    

The Paper and Paper Converting Industry Association (PPCIA), organized within the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (CCIS), promotes the interests of companies producing groundwood, paper, (corrugated) board, pasteboard, transport and commercial packaging, and sanitary as well as other products made of paper.

The PPCIA is a meeting and linking point for companies, where ideas, skills and experiences of experts working in paper industry come together. The Association monitors current economic trends, formulates industry guidelines and positions regarding the solution of ongoing and development issues, and supports those addressing industry problems. For its members, the Association provides new opportunities for their competitive improvement and development breakthrough into an innovative society. It is an important place for coordinated activities on industry promotion and the centre of quality business information.

The operation of the PPCIA has been laid down in the Memorandum of the Slovene Paper and Paper Converting Industry, in which three major areas are defined: ENERGY, ECOLOGY and ECONOMY, representing the main challenges for the industry in these times. The key orientation of the PPCIA is to represent the industry’s interests vis-à-vis business environment makers whose decisions may have an essential influence on the competitiveness of the paper and paper converting industry on the domestic, but above all on foreign markets. Since 2010, the PPCIA is a member of the Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI).

Papermaking has a centuries-long tradition in Slovenia. In the 19th century it was the main promoter of industrialization (early introduction of steam engines), and today, for sure, it is the leading protagonist in the industry sector regarding the introduction of various elements of sustainable production. Papermaking deserves to have such a status because of its renewable raw materials, environmentally friendly products and modern, automated and ecological production processes, which all result from many years of systematic work.

Today, the Slovene paper and paper converting industry comprises 117 companies, 6 of them are papermills.  In total they generate € 860 million of revenues, € 49,270 of added value per employee, and they are reliable employers of about 4,400 employees (all figures refer to 2019). Since the Slovene paper industry is highly export oriented the main concern of the companies is to remain internationally competitive.

The concept and the organization of the Day of Slovene Paper Industry are taken care of by the PPCIA Promotion team.