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Dear partners and friends to the paper industry,


The traditional International Meeting of Slovene Paper Industry is visited by over 250 participants every year and it is considered the central meeting place for partners and friends to the paper industry in this part of Europe.


This year's event is held under the heading "Back(?) To the Future", because when transitioning to a green future, we must look back at the primordial nature of our coexistence with nature, and at the same time include modern views and knowledge, so that we can keep up with the times and the evolution of society. It is time for thoughtful changes, where you too are welcome companions of development in the industry.


In addition to the technical part of the event, which is always topical, an important part of our meeting is also the exhibition place, where you can present your services and latest achievements as well as meet with your partners. This year we also plan an afternoon trip on Wednesday, 15 November, visiting the Port of Koper and finishing the day in the beautiful village above Koper called Marezige, in the Karjola Inn (Wheelbarrow Inn J).

We therefore cordially invite you again to take an active part in the preparation of the event, and make good use of it for your promotion as well as to meet with your business partners.


We offer you the opportunity to be part of our story. Below are some options for supporting the event, but we are also open to your suggestions.




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