Invitation to sponsors

 Your attendance at the event is a great opportunity for your promotion and a chance to meet with your business partners.

This year, the traditional International Meeting of Slovene Paper Industry is moving to a new but equally attractive and interesting venue – to the Hotel Jama in Postojna.

 We have freshened up this meeting of professionals, and spiced it up slightly by offering some adventure. So, help us create the traditional event of Slovene paper industry and join us on the exclusive tour in Postojna Cave, a fascinating underground paradise shaped by tiny droplets over a period of millions of years.


The International Meeting of Slovene Paper Industry is the annual main event of paper industry and its partners in this part of Europe. This year, it will take place on 20 and 21 November under the heading “Between Circular, Bio and Digital”, which illustrates the present time when the traditional paper industry is undergoing a change into a modern industry of the future, which is operated in accordance with the circular economy, is bio-based and uses the digital transformation for its further development and higher efficiency.

We offer you a chance to become a part of this story.
Enclosed there is a list of sponsorship packages and are looking forward to your positive response.


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