1.      Lower income taxation for experts

Income taxation of experts is still very high in Slovenia in comparison to Višegrad and other compettitive countries. There is stromng need for tax reform, step 2, already promised last year by government representatives.

2.      Digitization of investment campaigns, targeted roadshows

Preparation and implementation of continuous general digital promotional campaigns to attract investors at national level including local levels. At the same time intensifying roadshow targeted campaigns.

3.      Investment catalogues of local communities

Encourage municipalities to prepare investment catalogues - land offer and other benefits for investors. At the same time creation of a national catalogue of investment opportunities, not essentially to cover all municipalities, but the best municipalities which provide appropriate information.

4.      Education policy for new investments in the future

Strengthening of technical professions education and professions of relevant importance for development with the goal to deliver more knowledge in order to achieve higher value added. Targeting deficitiary professions and those that are expected as the most sought in the future and required by companies planning greenfield and brownfield investment.

5.      Immigration policy for brain import

Slovenia’s new immigration policy must be based on the inflow of new knowledge and experts of importance for development. Due to the rapid economic growth, reduction of unemployment and structural unemployment it is time to impose necessary measures to attract those who have deficiary skills, and those that bring high value added.

6.      Development Policy focusing new investment

Developing tenders and other development measures should preferably target new investments that bring higher value added.

7.      Revival of degraded commercial and industrial zones

Intensify various measures for recovering degraded commercial and industrial zones with the focusto accelerate the revitalization of these areas. With a variety of measures: tax, less strict monumental legislation, etc.

8.      Remuneration of investors who invest in local environment

Attracting investors with a high degree of social responsibility: tax relief or other benefits in case of investing in or supporting the local business environment, business or research activities of young people, supporting start-ups, entrepreneurial education, greener and cleaner technologies ...

Prepared by CCIS, Spirit and SFIF