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20 Day of Slovene Paper Industry


1.) Tadej Gosak - Report on Slovene paper and Paper converting Industry

2.) Petra Prebil Bašin - 20 years of Slovene Paper Days

3.) Radovan Vitković - World Class Manufacturing

4.) Presentation of awards for best thesis in papermaking

5.) Ladeja Godina Košir - Implementation of Programme CELkrog


Packaging Section


1.) Antonija B. Cerar -Trendi zakonodaje na področju embalaže

2.) Greg Ganczewski - Sustainability of A&I Packaging

3.) Julien Bras - Use of nanocellulose in fibre-based packaging

4.) Sanne Tiekstra - ActinPak

5.) Tomas Syrovy - Material Printing

6.) Johanna Lahti - Novel bio-based materials for active and intelligent packaging

7.) Selcuk Yildirim - Development of a novel oxygen scavenger film and its potential application in food packaging


43rd International Annual Symposium DITP


1.) Fibres Paper 2030 _Davydov Anatoli-PTS

2.) Strategic networking for the development of advanced materials and bio-based products from lignocellulosic biomass-Tea Kapun-ICP (1)

3.) Effective cooperation of and research institutionswithin the Poly4Emi project-Simona Rataj-GZS

4.) Optimized paper manufacturing processes using the Internet of things-Christian Naydowski - VOITH

5.) Operational Efficiency through integrated automation-Peter Lengauer-Valmet

6.) How to set tissue process on the track of Creping Excellence-F. Bougerolle -BTG

7.) Industry 4.0 for batch cooking process in Mondi Stambolijski-Peter Fisera CF Procsim

8.) Optimization System for stock preparation-Edmund Grebien-Grebien Qualifiber

9.) Ultra High Dispersing-Increased dispersion efficiency...-A.Gorton Huelgerth-ANDRITZ

10.)  Energy efficiency in Practice-Andrej Pirc-Vipap Videm Kr+íko

11.) PrimeRun Evo a new approach for energy saving-N.Milosavljevic-Andritz

12.) Aspects to running economy of cylinder dryer opening nip runnability-Juha Leimu-Turku University

13.) Fast and Accurate print prediction with Optical Method -H+ąkan +ľsterholm-ABB AB-Lorentzen & Wettre

14.) Vision technology applications for paper - Seppo Toivonen-Papertech

15.) Roll hardness measurement-online porosity measurement ACA Systems-Jyrki Laari




1.) Effect of temperature on some optical and surface properties of the archival, synthetic and special papers ... -Blaznik,Gregor, Bracko-NTF

2.) The effect of different methods of raw cellulose pretreatment on the efficiency...-Masa Irsic-Faculty of Chem

3.) Presentation for Poster Session-Conference-Bled-Nov-2016-Samir Kopacic-Graz University of Technology-Austria

4.) Christian Dammeier led a4 (1)

5.) Production of Value-added Bio-based Chemicals by Valorization of Waste-Ana Bjelic-Kemijski institut

6.) Optimizing a printed surface-Helena Peuranen-Kemira

7.) Electrochemical system for wastewater treatment in paper industry-Oliver Kurdija-DIWT