The ICT association of Slovenia (ZIT) is one of the younger associations among 26 branch associations operating within the Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia

(CCIS). The CCIS provides essential services for enterprises operating in Slovenia, and it is the ideal local partner for foreign investors. CCIS was founded 170 years ago and now has 7,000 member companies of all sizes and from all regions. It is a non-profit, non-governmental, independent business organization representing the interest of its members and is Slovenia's most influential business association. CCIS unites under its roof 24 branch associations representing all sectors of Slovenian Economy. CCIS operates a network of 13 regional chambers.

CCIS can provide its members with the support of more than 100 experts and specialists in a broad range of sectors in Slovenia, from commerce and industry to tourism and services.

The most important task of the ICT association is to increase ICT technologies investments in the economy and public administration and to improve the business conditions of companies in the ICT sector. We strive to connect the government and ICT companies and introduce these solutions abroad. By connecting providers and their solutions, we encourage the joint appearance and marketing of comprehensive solutions in foreign markets.

In ZIT we operate in accordance with the interests of ICT companies, members of the association and co-create a business environment (ecosystem) that helps end users to use ICT technologies and solutions in the most efficient way.

We prepare information on markets for members, organize thematically oriented ICT conferences and other events with the aim of connecting and establishing business contacts with users in companies and public administration. By deepening partnerships with state institutions and lobbying in Slovenia and the EU, we strive for the most favorable business environment in the ICT industry. We participate in the adoption of industry-specific laws and directives, and special attention is paid to internationalization in the form of the organization of business delegations and group trade fair appearances.