The following sections operate within the ICT association


ZITex - Export Initiatives

The ZITex section is the contact point of Slovenian development and export-oriented ICT companies, which strive to increase the competitiveness and internationalization of the Slovenian ICT sector.

The section provides support to members in the following areas:

  • in entering and doing business in foreign markets
  • in establishing international connections and implementing projects abroad
  • obtaining various sources of funding
  • establishing a better business environment for the export of Slovenian ICT products and services
  • in establishing the Slovenian ICT sector as a driving force of Slovenian exports in merging domestic companies and their joint appearance on foreign markets
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SOEK - Electronic Communications Operators

SOEK's mission is to support the development of electronic communications in Slovenia and, in order to achieve the greatest benefits for SOEK members users and for end users, strives to improve national and European regulatory acts in the field of electronic communications and the business environment.

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SeGov - Cooperation with state and public administration

The SeGov section brings together software development service providers for the state administration and the public sector.

The objectives of the section are:

  • establishing and maintaining a dialogue with the state and providing a business environment for the development of better information solutions in the state administration
  • Creating a joint offer - analysis of needs, trends and identification of development opportunities. & nbsp; As part of the membership, we carry out an overview of competencies, resources, knowledge and good practices, which we combine into a joint offer with higher added value and the potential for a joint market breakthrough abroad
  • cooperation between members and the state in marketing e-government solutions abroad
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S3P - Software Providers

The S3P section brings together business program providers who work together to solve challenges that arise on a daily basis, mainly due to changes in legislation. Participate in prepare ZVOP-2, cooperate with the Information Commissioner and together with FURS solve operational challenges arising from changes in legislation. The section works for the benefit of all software providers, so the initiatives of the members of the section and their suggestions on what else they can improve together are always welcome.

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SeKV - Cyber Security

Cybersecurity consumers will be able to join the Cyber Security Section so that they do not have to deal with cyber security issues on their own and still focus most of their resources on developing their core business rather than solving cyber problems. Providers of cyber solutions will be helped by the membership in the section in the development of solutions, enable them to influence the development of the market in Slovenia and support their appearance on the global market. With the implementation of the Work Program of the Cyber Security Section we will bring together the economy, the public sector and state institutions, as well as individual experts for the joint development of cyber security capabilities, thus promoting the digital development of the economy.

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ScienceTech - Connecting high-tech companies

The mission of ScienceTech is to deepen, establish, expand and jointly present Slovenian companies on the ScienceTech market, connecting with representatives of the state and international institutions (CERN, ITER, ESFRI, FAIR, ESA idr.) and obtaining relevant references through participation in the largest and most demanding European and global projects and representing Slovenia's stakeholders in the most prominent international institutions in the field of ScienceTech, such as CERN.

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ICT association projects and working groups


ICT horizontal network

ICT horizontal network  is an organizational part of SRIP PMiS, and financially operates independently. It is defined as a set of enabling technologies and competencies, and its activities support all verticals of SRIP PMiS and other SRIPs. ICT-Hm follows the vision of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia that Slovenia should become a green reference country in digital Europe. Reference is a model of cooperation between the economy, science and the state in the introduction of modern digital solutions in the lives of companies and people.

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Digital Innovation Hub Slovenia

Digital Innovation Hub Slovenia  (Digitalno inovacijsko stičišče)  actively advocates for the integration and development of support services for the digital transformation of the economy, education and public administration, the development of digital competencies and forecasting the need for digital staff, promoting open innovation, creating new business models, access to experimental and pilot environments. As part of a broader social role, the goal is to standardize, regulate and modernize the education system, and as part of internationalization, to connect, transfer experiences and examples of good practice among members of the EU DIHs network.

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Project Cyber

As useful approaches to providing cyber security are constantly evolving, we can expect breakthroughs in this area that are likely to be achieved by flexible SMEs. In accordance with these expectations, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in cooperation with Europe's regional partners, is trying to establish an environment in which such companies will thrive. Therefore, we are looking for ways to facilitate cooperation between companies in the field of cyber security, how to expand the necessary knowledge and how to reduce the fragmentation of the market for services in this area. The result of our work will be proposals to decision-makers on what measures need to be taken for the accelerated and sustainable development of small and medium-sized enterprises in the field of cyber security in Slovenia and the European Union.



Rose 2

Through the ROSE project “Readiness Of Slovenian E-Invoicing 2” we prepared standards in the field of all electronic documents, which are necessary for comprehensive e-business between companies (order form, delivery note and invoice). We have also established the Center for Electronic Commerce (EPOS), which can be found at:

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eZdravstvo (eHealth)

Working group in the field of IT systems for e-health - it includes members of the ZIT, which deals with information support in the field of information solutions for the health system in Slovenia. The aim of the group is to develop guidelines and standards in the direction of an efficient and integrated system in the Republic of Slovenia.




The AI4Slovenia initiative was established with the aim of increasing the use of data and artificial intelligence in the economy, both on the part of providers and users. For this purpose, we connect all key stakeholders in Slovenia with the implementation of workshops, seminars and trainings.

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