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Urška Spitzer
T: 015898129

Name of the project
Boosting waste recycling into valuable products by setting the environment for a circular economy in Slovenia
Description The main purpose of the LIFE IP RESTART project is to introduce an integrated set of complementary technical, digital, environmental and social circular solutions, which would encourage the implementation of the national Waste Management and Waste Prevention Program (OPRO) and thus achieve the greatest possible self-sufficiency in terms of raw materials and increase the circular economy by recycling waste into useful products and thus ensure that the goals set in the umbrella Directive on waste can be achieved by 2035. These must be achieved taking into account the hierarchy of waste management.

The project will deal with groups of waste in Slovenia that occur in the largest quantities, such as construction waste (group 17), waste from thermal processes (group 10), some waste from biological processes (2, 19 and 20) and mining waste (group 1 ). All these types of waste have excellent targeted uses in construction and other major industries. The project will therefore focus primarily on overcoming obstacles in achieving the EU's recycling goals and on achieving the full implementation of the national waste management program and waste prevention program in Slovenia.

The project has 3 specific objectives, which are supported by several technical objectives to achieve the main purpose of the project:

 1.) Provide a mechanism for evaluating the national Waste Management Program and the Waste Prevention Program and its implementation and improvement through digital, technical and social excellence

2.) To present 6 circular solutions for the most problematic and extensive groups of waste that are addressed by the national program

3.) To ensure the widest possible acceptance of the best available solutions and to achieve consistent and integrated implementation of the goals set in the Waste Management Program and the Waste Prevention Program.


Duration 1.1.2022-31.12.2030
Programme Life Integrated Projects 2020 - Environment