Business Owners Erasmus


The teacher understands which member of the family has these characteristics that form the basis of effective leadership.

He/she will try to maximize the next features:

1. Charisma: You need to be appreciated by others.

2. Intelligence: In order to lead, it is necessary to think, measure, analyze and determine the best strategies to meet the goals in the best way (this includes people performing them voluntarily and are motivated).

3. Integrity: Keep in mind the values of the business, as well as the idea of a traditional family business

4. Bravery: It is an interior feature that should always be present. And inside of a family business, who accepts these rolls and who is responsible for accepting the challenges and lead without fear?

5. Objectivity: Must be impartial and listen different opinions without losing neutrality. Perhaps these opinions serve to enhance the objectives, especially when there are changes or conflicts between members of the family, so he or she should be impartial and look for solutions.

6. Motivation: This is accompanied by innovation, we must arouse interest in others to get involved with enthusiasm, especially having ideas for renewing the family business for the better.

7. Touch: To know the correct place of each member of the family. Also he or she should listen to the senior family member because he or she could give us their experience