Business Owners Erasmus


Methodologies for teaching concepts related to manage, thinking in the unity in the family:

Related concepts like to control the unity in the family and to know how to delegate in other members of the family part of the takes, as well as he or she should know to control the staff and the whole business.

1.- Control of Unity: It is a critical aspect because the teacher, should prepare the future manager, successor or inheritor of the family business so that his or her authority doesn´t have conflicts. So he or she should work on it.

For this reason, it would be necessary for the conjunction between the work in the family business and the unity in the family, as well that to manage the family business.

Especially in the family business, between the manager and any of the members of the family

2.- To Delegate: The teacher will try to explain how important it is to assign tasks, to delegate this authority, and to know who will work in this area as well as he or she expected.

In this case the manager, who delegates, needs to know the family business at 100 %, and which kind of roles has all members of the family, so he or she could avoid conflicts.

3.- Control of the staff: The teacher should encourage the students in becoming good managers with their staff, focusing in how many people are under their control as a staff member and family member hierarchy for avoiding conflicts.

The teacher will have to show how to manage the staff without losing the objectives and the goals in the family business.