Business Owners Erasmus


1.- External Vision, impartial: The teacher will tell the students that although they could be external consultants, they should not provide the ideas of their own businesses, because something that could work well for one business, won’t necessarily work for another.

So the teacher will work with them for being impartial and focus on goals.

It is necessary that the experience in the family business, working as external consultants, doesn´t affect the company in which he or she is going to advice, because the advice that works in one company doesn´t means that it works in another.

Especially because in a family´ business, every family is different.

2.- Specialist in methodology: The teacher knows that the external consultant that comes from his/her private family company has experience, but the teacher will teach them how to order this experience, giving it a method tidy for being specialist services.

So in this case they could optimize time and resources.

3.- Dedication and time: Students will work as an external consultant who have their own experience, could spend too much time because they are coming from their own family business The teacher will focus on targeting their dedication or time because they are working for others, and they have to focus in the goal of the other family business.