The 24th Day of Slovene Paper Industry and the 47th  International Annual Symposium DITP are organised under the heading:

Our side of paper.

The paper industry is changing, adapting and developing in accordance with current and long-term environmentally acceptable policies.

The paper business is traditional, but it has been constantly updating its processes and resources, in line with the guidelines for the development of society. It has achieved unimaginable results in the use and purification of water, raw materials and other fillers, paper and board processing and energy use. Today, it strives for the greatest possible energy and material and indirectly, environmental efficiency of its operation.

This year, the International Meeting of Slovene Paper Industry will look even more at "our side of paper", where behind the popular papers and paper products hides the "science" of paper production and paper products, which requires special knowledge, experience and competencies. New environmental goals and other, including epidemiological, challenges call for further research and development in the direction of circular management, smart use of resources and energy sources, and new ways of using products.