Skills in Metal and Electro Industry



The Alliance for the Advancement of VET

in the Metal and Electro Industry



The Alliance for the Advancement of VET in the Metal and Electro Industry is an international platform intended for all stakeholders of the metal and electro industries as well as other industries that wish to enhance the VET for improving the employability of students and workers using the innovative approach of developing trainings based on industry needs, strengthening the collaboration of VET providers, regulatory bodies and industry representative, increasing the competitiveness of EU member state manufacturing industries and improving the cooperation among EU member states through international collaboration and sharing of good practices. 


The aim of the Alliance is to:


  • Strengthen the cooperation of stakeholders in the metal and electro sector both at the national and the European level;

  • Promote the exchange of information on skill gaps and future needs among key actors at the national and transnational level and sharing latest news;

  • Promote and provide support for the development of new curricula based on the established principle of cooperation among industry representatives, regulatory bodies and VET providers internationally and in sectors outside of the metal and electro industry;

  • Promote VET as first choice;

  • Develop new ideas and initiatives and connecting partners for new project opportunities in VET needs of the electro and metal industry.


The membership in the Alliance is free of charge and is open to all interested stakeholders from the metal and electro sector as well as other industries.


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