Kako se bolje pripraviti na transformacijo agroživilskega sektorja po koronavirusu?



warmly invites you to an online conference

Agrifoodsector inSouthern and Central-Eastern Europe

Future-proof or future-ready?

Opportunities arising from Covid19 for RIS countries


28October 2020 (Wednesday), at 10.00 am CET

What can we do to better prepare​for the transformation of the agri-food sector after coronavirus?

What can we learn from the crisis and what can we expect of thepost-Covid19 future?

Take part in the launch event presenting the results and insights of Covid19 impact on Agrifood sector in South and Central-Eastern Europe gathered in EIT Food Foresight analysis performed by Deloitte and Lantern.

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10.00-10.10 Welcome speech and rules of the meeting

10.10-10.20 What’s EIT Food and whywe conductedforesight analysis on COVID19 impact?

10.20-11.10 Future scenarios for the primary production and input providers - how COVID19 changed the way we produce and process food?

11.10-12.00 Future scenarios for retail and HoReCa - how COVID19 changed the way we buy and consume food?

12.00-12.40  How COVID19 related opportunities can be translated into public policy solutions in the light of Green Deal, Farm-to-Fork strategy and Smart Specialization Strategies?

12.40-12.50 Q&A session

12.50 – 13.00 Closing remarks

Moderation of the whole event: Natasha Foote (journalist euractiv.com)

The event is free of charge. The event will be held in English.