Campaign activities in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina


During the last part of project to enhance consumption of wholegrain promotion Institute of Public Health of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina conducted wide campaign that included three major activities: promotion of wholegrain in media, development and distribution of promotional materials, celebration of “Healthy sandwich day”. 

Promotion of wholegrain consumption in media included broadcasting of three promotional videos one on major TV stations “N1” for 15 days three times a day, and posting on Institutes you tube canal five statements of the director of the Institute, scientific project coordinator, cook from Society of cooks of Bosnia and Herzegovina, parent of  four year of child and representative of Unicef who is also helping Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in promotion of healthy nutrition preschools and schools through program “Eat Healthy, Grow Healthy!”. Project team members also participated in number of TV and radio shows particularly ones aimed for children. Project folder has been established at Institute’s web page and information on events and materials regularly posted.

Development and distribution of promotional materials included five promotional leaflets – what are wholegrains, importance of wholegrain consumption for health, tips for shopping wholegrains, frequent meals with wholegrains, and leaflet on wholegrains for parents. Parallel to leaflets five    promotional posters were developed and one more particularly devoted to celebration of wholegrain sandwich day. Promotional materials included brochure on wholegrains as well.  Part of materials are distributed to preschools and schools at the occasion of celebration of Wholegrain sandwich day and at intersectoral round table on collaboration and partnership in wholegrain consumption promotion. All materials are posted on web site, and Institute’s promotional totems   and LCDs at different outdoor locations in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Healthy sandwich day was celebrated in four preschools and two primary schools where children parents’ preschool and school stuff participated in interactive workshops conducted by Association of Cooks of BH – in cooperation with UNICEF, Federal Ministry of Education and Science and Federal Ministry of Health. Interactive workshops included preparation presentation and degustation of wholegrain sandwiches, exchange of recipes and small quiz and voting on taste of wholegrain sandwiches for children.

On the occasion of World Food Day on 31. of October 2022, in Sarajevo, intersectoral round table has been organized by the Institute where representatives form bakery industry, different ministries, public health institutes, non- governmental organizations, international organizations and preschool and primary schools have been invited. Purpose of the meeting was to introduce WholeEUGrain project and concept of wholegrain partnership and to initiate discussion with different stakeholders on possible ways of establishment of wholegrain partnership in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Meeting was attended by forty eight participants including representatives of Danish Food and Veterinerian Agency,  Ministry of Civil Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Federal ministry of water supply agriculture and forestry, World Health Organization, Bakery “Klas”, Institute of Public Health of Republic of Srpska, Food and Agriculture Faculty of Sarajevo, Agriculture Faculty of Banja Luka,   cantonal institutes of public health of Zenica - Doboj, Tuzla, Una - Sana and Central Bosnia and Sarajevo cantons, preschool Živinice, school “Vladimir Nazor” Zenica, non-governmental organization “Association of citizens with diabetes mellitus” and “Association of Cooks of Bosnia and Herzegovina” and representatives of media – state TV station “BHT1”, federal TV station “FTV”.