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Report “Healthy eating and Active lifestyles”

The Danish Whole Grain Partnership and WholEUGrain project were also included in the booklet titled »Healthy eating and Active lifestyles”.
The booklet covers the case study of the Danish Whole Grain Partnership, a public-private partnership that aims to increase average daily intake of whole grains in the population. The case study includes an assessment of the Danish Whole Grain Partnership against the five best practice criteria, policy options to enhance performance and an assessment of its transferability to other OECD and EU27 countries.
The increase in whole grain intake cannot be directly attributed to the Whole Grain Partnership as studies do not control for whether a person was exposed to the logo or not. To address this limitation, researchers could explore the possibility of undertaking natural experiments – i.e. an empirical study where participants are “naturally” exposed to the logo or not. This may not be possible in Denmark given the Whole Grain Partnership logo is widely known, however, it may be possible in countries transferring the intervention as part of WholEUGrain initiative – namely Romania, Slovenia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 2019 the “European Action on Whole Grain Partnerships” was created, which involves transferring DWGP Denmark to three countries (Romania, Slovenia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina). Materials to assist countries implement the Partnership were created as part of the Action. Publicly available data to measure the transferability potential of DWGP is limited, given indicators on the food retail market and consumer behaviour are collected by private research companies and thus not available for public use. Data that was available indicate DWGP would receive significant political support in other OECD and non-OECD European countries.

Evidence base report for the health benefits of whole grains including sustainability aspects

This report aims to give a clear understanding of relevant aspects regarding the definition of whole grains and whole-grain products, as well as review the evidence base for the health benefits of whole-grain consumption, and gather knowledge of relevant aspects regarding the establishment of a quantitative recommendation at a national level, as well as provide an insight into sustainability aspects of whole grains.

You can find the whole report HERE.

Are you considering to establish a Whole Grain Partnership?

Toolbox is a guide to implement a successful national whole grain partnership. It is developed in the WholEUGrain context, to the benefit of partners in the project and other relevant stakeholders.

We hope that the toolbox will provide the necessary competencies and knowledge on how to establish and run a public-private whole grain partnership.

The aim is to increase the whole grain intake in the European populations.


Toolbox - A guide to implement a successful national whole grain partnership




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