Warm-up event to the WholEUGrain Spring School 

(15 March 2022)

The WholEUGrain spring school warm-up event, co-hosted by The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration and Food Nation, give us business insights and perspectives from both the public and private sector on why engaging in a public-private partnership is a win-win for all.

This was the first event in a series of interconnected events held during the spring of 2022 under the EU-funded WholEUGrain project, which aims to transfer the success of the Danish Whole Grain Partnership and the lessons learned from building a successful public-private partnership to a broader European context.

WholEUGrain Toolbox

The toolbox is a guide to implement a successful national whole-grain partnership. This report aims to give a clear understanding of relevant aspects regarding the definition of whole grains and whole-grain products, as well as review the evidence base for the health benefits of whole-grain consumption and gather knowledge of relevant aspects regarding the establishment of a quantitative recommendation at a national level, as well as provide an insight into sustainability aspects of whole grains.

The video of the event is accessible HERE.

More information about the event you can find HERE. 


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