Determining global average of competencies is important for tracing a learning pathway that can grow students’ development. The EntreCompFood questionnaire helps to stablish the level of the assessed person and a group regarding the measured competence. In other words, it classifies the level of knowledge of each entrepreneurial skill. Thus, it is possible to address the creation of courses which has the objective of further development a determined skill.

Presenting students with the importance of following the development on entrepreneurial competences is important for the proposed learning path of the course. Explaining the objective of EntreCompFood questionnaire and the relevance of an honest self-evaluation can be a game changer on learning and, for the professor, teaching.

According to the duration of the proposed/designed course it is suggested to take measurements (EntreCompFood questionnaire application), for short (one week) courses, at the end, for 6 months courses, start and end, and for a year duration course, beginning, middle, and end. This way it can help students to be motivated during the learning of the competencies through activities and see how they have evolved during the proposed course.

Self-evaluation tool for students (Questionnaire) 

Students should self-evaluate themselves on a very honest way. This will help them to realise which are their weakness that could be improved. The importance of an honest self-evaluation will help the pedagogical body to design and tailor proposed activities that have as objective of improving the weak links.

Questionnaire for students on Entrepreneurial competences modified by EntreCompFood project

Peer to peer assessment tool for students after project based learning activity in teams 

To be applied by trainers in their class after the completion of the project. It will help students to understand how they appear for their peers. This form is based on the Traffic light feedback methodology and has the intend to point out positive traits of the analyzed person as well as things that should be improved. 

Peer to peer evaluation.

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