Project Consortium 

Six partners from three EU countries (Slovenia, France and Spain) compose the project consortium. EntreCompFood project is led by Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia – Chamber of Agricultural and Food Enterprises (CCIS-CAFÉ, Slovenia) with other partners on the project: 

  • Biotechnical Faculty of the University of Ljubljana (BF UL; Slovenia), 
  • The French National Food Industry Association (ANIA; France), 
  • AgroParisTech (France), 
  • The Spanish Food and Drink Federation (FIAB; Spain) and 
  • Andalucía Emprende (AE; Spain). 

The EntreCompFood project is co-founded by the COSME program of the European Union.



Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia – Chamber of Agricultural and Food Enterprises (CCIS-CAFE) - Project coordinator 

CCIS-CAFE is the main and the biggest representative organization for agri-food industry in Slovenia. It represents branch interests of more than 200 agricultural and food companies, registered in Slovenia vs. Slovenian governmental and non-governmental institutions/organisations, as well as in equivalent EU associations. The very close collaboration to the agri-food industry rounds up the wide range of possibilities and highlights the association as a multiple purpose adviser. As representative of the national food industry association, CCIS-CAFE has an important role in managing the strategic development-innovation partnership SRIP HRANA for the S3 thematic area of Sustainable food production. Through its members and experts, it has the possibility to increase the involvement of SMEs (90 % of all members) and to share all important results and information with them.


Biotechnical Faculty of the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

UL-BF offers higher professional education, undergraduate and postgraduate university study programmes, as well as research and professional and advisory services in the areas of living nature (biology, microbiology), agriculture, forestry and fishery and in closely related production technologies (wood science, food science, biotechnology). With a variety of educational and research programmes, the Biotechnical Faculty encourages interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches to education and integral research into developmental issues that are becoming more and more complex and influenced by the interests of various professions. In addition, it tries to promote and advance the highest quality, internationally recognized scientific and professional cooperation, openness, and a reputation for excellence. 



The French National Food Industry Association (ANIA)

The French National Food Industry Association (ANIA), is a non-profit association set up in 1968. ANIA’s purpose is to defend the interests of the leading industry in France. It gathers 21 sector based national federations and 21 regional associations (ARIA) and over 11 000 businesses, mainly SMEs. ANIA’s main mission is to help the manufactured food companies to face major challenges of the sector which are: i) food safety and quality issues, ii) competitiveness and ability to export and innovate in a changing world, iii) lack of attractiveness of the food processing industry to young people and environmental issues.


Institut des sciences et industries du vivant et de l'environnement (AgroParisTech)

AgroParisTech is a public institution of a scientific, cultural and professional nature under the tutelage of the Minister of Agriculture, constituted in the form of a large establishment within the meaning of Article L. 717-1 of the French Education Code. AgroParisTech is aiming at addressing some of the main global challenges of the 21st century: feeding a growing population while sustainably managing territories, preserving natural resources, supporting innovation and integrating the bioeconomy. While doing so, it addresses the following fields: agronomic sciences and technologies, forestry, life sciences, food technology, biotechnologies, environment, health, management of natural resources, territories development. The Institute offers high level training for Master, Master of Science, Master of Science in Engineering, Master of Science and PhD students as well as lifelong learning programs, while focusing on research and innovation thanks to its joint research units. The project would benefit from the close relation with Food’Inn Lab, located and hosted at the heart of AgroParisTech: it is a collaborative place of 550 m² of reception areas for young entrepreneurs to allow them to create innovative food and food projects.



The Spanish Food and Drink Federation (FIAB)

The Spanish Food and Drink Federation (FIAB) was established in 1977 to represent the Spanish food and beverage industry through a single body and one voice. Its main activity is to inform the players of the sector of the main developments that may affect its operation and competitiveness. It also represents its interests in different government and decision-makers, both nationally and at the European and international scope. Currently it encompasses 46 associations and 5,000 companies. FIAB is member of FoodDrinkEurope promoting its members’ interests in areas such as food safety and science, nutrition and health, consumer trust and choice, competitiveness and environmental sustainability at European level.


Andalucia Emprende (AE)

Andalucia Emprende (AE) exists under the auspices of the Junta de Andalucía and has the mission of providing the best services to promote entrepreneurial initiative and business development in order to contribute to a more dynamic regional economy and Andalusia society. Its general objective is to foster an enterprise culture and support the creation and consolidation of businesses and employment through the provision of quality services. The services provided aimed both at entrepreneurs who want to start-up a business initiative in Andalusia and at existing businesses that require support to expand, modernize or consolidate their market. AE works with students of primary, secondary and baccalaureate Education, vocational training cycles of middle and upper grade, and university, with entrepreneurs, freelancers, social economy, who have a business idea or that their business project is in the creation or consolidation phase, tractor companies, research groups,entities of the entrepreneurial ecosystem that want to make social transformation. AE puts a disposal of entrepreneurs 267 Andalusian Entrepreneurship Centres (CADE) that cover the entire Andalusian Community.


Co-funded by the COSME programme of the European Union

The Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME) manages COSME program on behalf of the European Commission. COSME is the EU programme for the Competitiveness of Enterprises and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises. SMEs are the backbone of Europe’s economy, providing 85% of all new jobs. The European Commission aims to promote entrepreneurship and improve the business environment for SMEs to allow them to realise their full potential in today’s global economy.

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