European events

Final project conference in Brussels

EntreCompFood final project conference on 26th of January 2023, in Brussels, Belgium

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Agenda of the day

Session 1 – Boosting Entrepreneurship Competences in Agri-food sector

Session 2 – Driving innovation in Agri-Food sector – the role of related projects and initiatives

EntreComp community Cafe

European entrepreneurship award celebration on the 17th of October 2022, in Paris, France

Monday 17 at 2 pm - #EntreCompFood project is celebrating the Entrepreneurship award winner at ECOTROPHELIA 2022. 

 You are invited to join us on-line from SIAL Paris Facebook Live from 2 pm ! Here is Facebook page link  to follow the event on Sunday 16. and Monday 17th of October.  

 Follow EEIG ECOTROPHELIA EUROPE 2022 to learn more about students team and how they turned their idea into a real food product with added value.

Read more about Ecotrophelia Europe 2022 competition and EntreCompFood award. 

European seminar on the 5th of April 2022, in Barcelona, Spain

Follow the links bellow to read presentations from the events.


  • EntreComp application to attract young people to the first European manufacturing sector: the agrifood industry - Entrepreneurship in Spain. Andalusia success case story.
  • ENTRECOMP - The European Entrepreneurship Competence Framework -  Lillian Weikert.
  • How to win the EntreCompFood Entrepreneurship award at Ecotrophelia - ANIA. View the presentation.
  • EntreCompFood Ecotrophelia Spain 2022 Awards Ceremony - FIAB.
  • History of Ecotrophelia in France - AGROPARISTECH. View the presentation.
  • Organizational culture to boost innovation - Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia. View the presentation.
  • Transforming study oblïgation into a boosting for the development of innovative products - University of Ljubljana - Biotechnical Faculty. View the presentation.


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