Issue: The European agri-food industry is not attracting enough young people to the sector, notably due to unappealing salaries, lack of notoriety of companies and establishment of sites in rural areas. Thus, tensions affect a gap between education and the world of work which needs to be overcome.

Main objective: The main objective of the EntreCompFood is to create a sound European Collaborative Communities of practice and related learning activities to sustainably attract young people (students and entrepreneurs) to stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship in the European agri-food sector. To achieve this goal, the consortium identified a set of activities to be carried out notably to enable the creation of a special EntreCompFood prize, rewarding the best adaptation of the EntreComp framework by young people and to be tested within a larger European contest well-known in the industry: the European Ecotrophelia competition.

This general ambition is supported in the project by 4 Specific Objectives (SO):

  • SO1: Demonstrate the efficiency of EntreComp for STIMULATING entrepreneurship through its first application in a key European industrial sector facing labour market changes
  • SO2: ENGAGING all relevant stakeholders, at different decision-making levels, in an innovative and holistic approach to boost entrepreneurship
  • SO3: DEFINING innovative learning opportunities, education and training programs, constructed between relevant actors, for a durable support to entrepreneurship
  • SO4: EXCHANGING knowledge and DISSEMINATING results within participating countries and outside

The EntreCompFood project aims to define innovative learning practices of EntreComp, based on an implementation step-by-step pilot project (WP3-WP5), networking and dissemination strategies

Work package number and title Lead partner
WP1: Establishment of Collaborative Communities in the European agri-food sector ANIA
WP2: Organization of events and dialogue mechanisms within the EntreCompFood Collaborative Communities FIAB
WP3: Strategic framework for new learning opportunities and support services based on EntreComp AE
WP4: Development of learning opportunities based on EntreComp learning outcomes UL-BF
WP5: Testing new approaches to developing and assessing the entrepreneurship competences AgroParisTech
WP6: Communication and exchanges at European level CCIS-CAFE
WP7: Financial and Administrative Management CCIS-CAFE

For a successful implementation of the EntreCompFood project, pilot project will be done in three phases: design, test and assess. The EntreCompFood project intends to fully benefit from multiple expertise inside and outside the consortium to propose the optimal courses and training to EU students and young entrepreneurs. Therefore, a step-by-step approach will be implemented for developing and experimenting it.

Step-by-step pilot project (WP3-WP5): design, test and assess.

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