EntreCompFood: Entrepreneurial Competence in Agri-Food Sector 

EntreCompFood project partners are sharing their thoughts on the entrepreneurial competence they find important for them.

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During EntreCompFood project the excel table was developed for easy navigation through the Entrepreneurship competences. Travel through the competence map here. 

To familliarise yourself with the entrepreneurial competneces deep dive into the Entrecomp Cards on competences. 

About EntreComp: The Entrepreneurship Competence Framework

The development of the entrepreneurial capacity of European citizens and organisations is one of the key policy objectives for the EU and Member States. The European Commission identified sense of initiative and entrepreneurship as one of the 8 key competences necessary for a knowledge-based society. The EntreComp framework presented in this report proposes a shared definition of entrepreneurship as a competence, with the aim to raise consensus among all stakeholders and to establish a bridge between the worlds of education and work. Developed through a mixed-methods approach, the EntreComp framework is set to become a reference de facto for any initiative aiming to foster entrepreneurial capacity of European citizens.

It consists of 3 interrelated and interconnected competence areas: ‘Ideas and opportunities’, ‘Resources’ and ‘Into action’.

Each of the areas is made up of 5 competences, which, together, constitute the building blocks of entrepreneurship as a competence.

The framework develops the 15 competences along an 8-level progression model and proposes a comprehensive list of 442 learning outcomes.

The framework can be used as a basis for the development of curricula and learning activities fostering entrepreneurship as a competence. Also, it can be used for the definition of parameters to assess learners’ and citizens’ entrepreneurial competences.

For more information on EntreComp: The Entrepreneurship Competence Framework please read the article published in JRC. The JRC - Joint Research Centre, on behalf of DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, has developed a definition of entrepreneurship as a competence and a reference framework describing it, the Entrepreneurship Competence Framework (EntreComp).   

The source of the video is DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion.




EntreComp into Action - Get inspired, make it happen!

An EntreComp into Action is a user guide to the European Entrepreneurship Competence Framework. 

This guide is a tool for those individuals and organisations who wish to explore why, when and how they can use EntreComp, the European Entrepreneurship Competence Framework. The entrepreneurship competence is increasingly recognised as a competence for life, relevant to personal development and fulfilment, finding and progressing in employment, as well as initiating new ventures ranging from community campaigns, social enterprises to new start-up businesses. 

Why a competence for life? 

Being creative or thinking about how to do things in new ways is equally relevant to progressing your career as well as coming up with new business ideas. Taking the initiative and mobilizing others to get involved are useful skills when fundraising for your local sports team, or establishing a new social enterprise. Understanding how to put a plan into action and use finances wisely are relevant for your own life and for business planning in an SME. EntreComp is new, so those using it are just starting out in their use of the framework and exploring how it can be implemented in practice. The examples gathered here are intended to illustrate the breadth and depth of potential for using EntreComp, but this will of course evolve through time and experience. This guide is intended to inspire more actors across Europe and beyond to get involved, to join a community of participants committed to embedding these competences for life into education, communities, work and enterprise.

For more information please read the EntreComp into Action - Get inspired, make it happen: A user guide to the European Entrepreneurship Competence Framework.

Watch videos about EntreComp - the entrepreneurial competences.

EntreComp into Action - Get inspired, make it happen!

An EntreComp into Action is a user guide to the European Entrepreneurship Competence Framework. 

The EntreComp playbook to help design practical entrepreneurial experience.

The EntreComp playbook is intended as learning exercise itself for those that have little or no experience in designing practical entrepreneurial experience. This EntreComp playbook therefore is not a process guide: it rather provides readers with a selection of orientation tools for them to experiment and create their own map to entrepreneurial teaching and learning. The playbook sets out nine principles that any entrepreneurial learning facilitator should consider when designing entrepreneurial teaching and learning. It also describes three popular entrepreneurial methods and three pedagogical methods that can be adapted to foster entrepreneurial learning. 


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