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Arhiv: Priložnost za Start-upe in zagonska podjetja, UK

The DIT team in the UK’s Midlands region has launched a website and competition aimed at promoting the Tech strengths of the region and to attempt to attract investment within the Tech space.

 You can access the site, which shows how the Midlands is a leading player within the rail, auto, cyber, gaming and financial tech spaces here:  

 What is the Midlands Tech Challenge?

As you can see from the competition page on the site, this competition is targeted at small tech companies (including start-ups) based outside of the UK. The competition is now open for entries and will be so for the next 3 weeks.

They are offering 5 tech companies (mainly start-ups or small scale) the opportunity to have a fully funded trip to the Midlands (sometime in May-June) and to have access to a great programme where they see everything the Midlands has to offer (major companies, universities, centers of excellence etc.) To enter the competition, a person simply needs to submit a short video via the website addressing 1 of the 5 ‘sector challenges’ that have been set by some of the Midlands leading businesses. These video entries will be judged in late March. The competition winners will also have face to face meetings with the companies who have set these challenges, with a view to talking about potential opportunities for collaboration should the winner locate to the UK Midlands.  




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