About Association of Management Consulting of Slovenia - AMCOS


Association of Management Consulting of Slovenia - AMCOS

Dimičeva 13, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Tel: ++ 386 1 5898 102
Fax: ++386 1 5898 100
E-mail: zmcs-amcos@gzs.si

Nenad Šutanovac, Director
Borut Potočnik, President

Short historical overview

Year 1992:
Within the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia has been established Association of Management Consulting of Slovenia - AMCOS.

Year 1993:
AMCOS became a member of the European Federation of Management Consulting Associations (FEACO) and adopted its rules and standards of operations.

Year 2010:
After reorganisation, AMCOS represents the major part of the Chamber of Businsess Services of Slovenia – CBSS within CCIS (Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia)

Fields of consulting of Slovenian AMCOS member companies

AMCOS members with a range of their consulting services intervene in work processes in all branches of industry, all functions of company operations as well as the public sector. All together they cover a broad range of deeply specialised fields in terms of industry branches and various professional and expert topics, including implementation of quality and other specific standards (ISO 9000 and 9001, environment – ISO 14000, health and safety – HACCP, etc.).

AMCOS members develop services concerning EU environment: policy, legislation and EU projects and funding.

The variety of consulting offer and specialization in certain fields enable on one hand provisions of integral solutions, planning, preparation and introduction of models for the complete business function of clients and on the other hand narrow – specialized solutions for individual parts or sets of business “tailored” for individual clients.

Management Consulting in Slovenia

Management consulting in Slovenia is a rapidly developing economic activity, with:

  • High growth rates during past ten years (19 % in 2008, 20 % in 2007; 18 % in 2006), except in 2009 (app. 1,5 %);
  • MC income in 2009, amounted to app. 270 million €.

Characteristics of MC activities in Slovenia are also:

  • Increasing range of new services;
  • No existing regulations for MC activities.

Main business activities of the Association’s members:

  • Business and other management consultancy activities
  • Strategies
  • Operation management
  • HRM
  • IT consulting
  • Legal consulting
  • PR management , etc.

Management Consulting & Business Services

  • Most complex projects often demand co-operation of a number of suppliers of different consulting and other business services.
  • MC and other business services with a high rate of knowledge are becoming more and more interdependent.

2009/2010: AMCOS → Business services association (Chamber of Business Services of Slovenia – CBSS)

  • Management consulting
    • Market and public opinion research
      • Advertising
        • Executive Search, Labour agencies
          • Education; training
            • Translation
              • Other

Principal task

The principal task of our CBSS is to bring together Slovenian companies that provide management consulting and other business services to company executives in the development and promotion of activities and to develop a stimulative business environment for their work.


  • Recognition of our members as quality and reputable providers of consulting and other mainly knowledge intensive business services by Slovenian business public, the government, state, regional and local institutions.
  • Membership in CBSS as a brand name of expertise, professionalism and business ethics in the field of management consulting and knowledge intensive business services in Slovenia and abroad.
  • Superb quality of management consulting and other business services through enforcement of codes of and constant education and training.
  • Formation networks of consulting and other BS providing companies which can meet the demands for specialized and complex solutions in the framework of extensive projects of highest level of demand.
  • Excellent knowledge, mastery and remarkable ability of introducing new methods, forms of work and technologies in the company operations.


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