Arhiv: “Knowledge Market & New Business Models”, 11. oktober 2012 - Predstavitev prispevkov


1. mednarodni forum management consultinga in festival znanja 

“Knowledge Market & New Business Models”
 “Trg znanja & novi poslovni modeli”

11. oktober 2012
Gospodarska zbornica Slovenije, Dimičeva 13, Ljubljana,
dvorana a

 P R E D S T A V I T V E   P R I S P E V K O V   N A   K O N F E R E N C I

Challenges of Knowledge Market and New Business Models
Prof. dr. Brane Semolič
President of the CBSS Board; IPMA Research Management Board Chairman

Key Aspects and Impacts of the Management Consultancies Role in the Knowledge Market
Ezio Lattanzio
FEACO Chairman; Assoconsult President

The way of starting and maintaining successfully the difficult but highly exciting consulting business in the area of research management
Joanna Stalewska
AMbER Project Ltd. Poland

Cranefield College of Project and Programme Management
Prof. Pieter Steyn
Cranefield College, South Africa

  How to successfully link knowledge, experience and innovation
Stojan Gorup
INKUBATOR d.o.o. Sežana, Slovenia

Global Market Trends on Management Consulting …
Ruud Bolsius
KPC Groep, The Netherlands

What is Project Management COMPETENCE?
Klaus Pannenbaecker
GABO GmbH, Germany

Industrial Clusters and their Impact to Knowledge Transfer
Prof. Dr. Phil. Ing. Peter Hofbauer

P O K R O V I T E L J I   D O G O D K A

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