Zbornica poslovno storitvenih dejavnosti


Arhiv: Prvi utrinki o ZPP po včlanitvi v EUATC

Objavljamo prve utrinke o ZPP po včlanitvi v EUATC in predstavitvi slovenskega prevajalstva na spomladanski skupščini ter sodelovanju naše predsednice Snježane Muzica na forumu.


Translation and Slovenia

Thank you for the lively discussion from Slovenia. After all, that is what our forum is about. I think all EU countries are currently experiencing many problems and our national associations are not free of them either. That is why it is so important to network with other national associations, within the EUATC or at the various industry events, share best practice and discuss strategies for dealing with problems and PR, and exchange ideas on how to deliver more value to the members etc. Please make sure that the Slovenian association sends some representatives to the next EUATC GM and the EUATC/PSBT seminar in Warsaw (4-5 October, 2013). We will be discussing the EUATC's involvemment in various industry-related EU projects, discussiong issues and standards, and sharing valuable insights.

By Monika Popiolek