Arhiv: 21. 1. 2016: Poslovni forum: Patrick Mullane, Harvard Business School

Business Intelligence Center je 21. 1. 2016 na CEO Business Forumu v Ljubljani gostil Patricka Mullanea, izvršnega direktorja HBX, Harvard Business School. Govora je bilo o disruptivnih strategijah in inovativnih poslovnih prijemih. Dogodek je podprla tudi Gospodarska Zbornica Slovenije. Utrinki z dogodka na tej povezavi.

Vabljeni na poslovni forum z gostom iz Harvard Business School o inovativnih poslovnih strategijah in pristopih. Člani GZS izkoristite popust!

21. 1. 2016 ob 15.00,
Ljubljana, Tehnološki park Ljubljana 19, Blok B

Poslovni forum bo potekal v angleškem jeziku!
Disruptive Strategies and Innovative Business Approaches, feat. Patrick Mullane, Harvard Business School

It seems as it is nowadays all about disrupting the classical ways of doing business. The way we live, eat, travel, work and entertain ourselves are some of the focus areas when talking about disruption and disruptive strategies. Startups are more eager as ever in striving to be the next unicorns and transforming business globally like for example Uber. Established businesses and large corporations recognize new business approaches as essential to their future growth and development and started to develop special sectors dedicated to form business development centers or even spin-offs to seek for ideas and approaches that could enrich their business portfolio. With established guests and speakers we will discover new ways of thinking and approaching new business strategies for the new era. What are the trends? How can we disrupt our own strategies and way of business thinking? How to form new business approaches? That and more at the CEO Business Forum!

Guest of honor:
Mr. Patrick Mullane, MBA, Executive director, Harvard Business School, HBX

local and international guests and experts


16.00 - 16.20

Registration and coffee

16.20 - 17.00

Keynote and Q&A: Mr. Patrick Mullane

17.00 - 17:45

Panel discussion: Disruptive strategies and innovative business approaches

17.45 - 18.30

Find your own disruptive strategy – workshop in small groups

18:30 -

Networking over drinks and snacks.

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Mr. Patrick Mullane has served as president and CEO of Fabrico, Inc., a manufacturer of combustion and sealing components for the industrial turbine market, as well as vice president and general manager for Technetics Group, a division of EnPro Industries. He has a long-standing interest in education and has worked in for-profit education at Kaplan Test Prep, where he managed the Washington, DC market. Before earning his MBA, Mullane also served as a captain in a U.S. Air Force intelligence organization. Today Mullane brings deep leadership experience to HBX, Harvard Business School’s digital learning initiative and a career-long talent of building and shaping businesses to the work underway at HBX.

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