Zbornica kmetijskih in živilskih podjetij

About us

Dear guest, welcome to our web page.

Let us introduce ourselves. We are the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia - Chamber of Agricultural and Food Enterprises (CCIS - CAFE). We are independent, voluntary, non-profit, interest group of legal entities, who carry out lucrative business activities in the agricultural or food sector or related activities on the market. The Chamber functions in a regional independent manner and, in view of the number of its members, it is a recognizable and prominent representative of the agricultural and food sector in Slovenia and abroad.

Currently we incorporate around 270 members and we are trying our best to represent and link the agricultural and food industry in respect to public authorities and European branch associations, form viewpoints and policies towards the social partners and other domestic and foreign associations, promote the development of the sector and knowledge flow, ideas and good Slovenian and European practices in the branch. We offer our members professional help in form of consulting, information, education and training. We represent interests of our members with respect to state authorities, institutions, trade unions, European associations and institutions of the European Union by the consensus of the entire branch, individual sector or section or a committee.

Where can you find us
Chamber of Commerce and Industry Slovenia    
Dimičeva 13 
1504 Ljubljana

E-mail: zivilska.ind@gzs.si

Phone: +386 1 5898 227