For using the online Payment system the client needs to create an account on the website mentioned below.  For Businesses and individuals, follow the process online until payment and complete the payment.

Notec: For legalization of Commercial invoices, please enter a round number in the online-system. It is not possible to use decimal point or a comma in numeral digits.

 Business (invoices only).

 Individual (other types of certificates).

-          The client should attach the document which needs to be authenticated only.

-           Kindly print the online payment statement which you will get after completing your payment online and send it to the Consular Section with the original documents.

-           Send your documents including a pre-paid self-addressed envelope to the UAE Embassy in Austria using UPS or DHL courier companies only. 

Note, UAE Embassy in Vienna will continue to provide attestation services as previously if the company prefer to pay the fees at the Embassy however payment for services at the Embassy can only done by (Master Card or Visa Card) and transaction will be done in UAE (AED).


- All documents presented to the UAE Embassy’s Consulate Section for Legalization must first be certified by the Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.



1. Fees of attestation on Regular Certificates is 150  AED/each

2. fees for attestation on commercial agencies is 2000 AED/each

 - Please do not combine documents, each document must be attested separately.

- Certificates of Origin and Commercial Invoices are only legalized together.

 - The Embassy requires a minimum of 2 business days to process any document.

- Our opening hours every day from Monday to Friday from 09:30 am to 13:00 Pm. you do not need a prior appointment.


 For further information Please contact the UAE Embassy's Consular Section: 

 Tel: 0043-13681455, Email: address: Chimanistraße 36, 1190 Wien





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