Arhiv: Innovation Festival for Balkan Region (WB6)

Dears entrepreneurs,

The need for a new approach brings for the first time in Tirana on 18-20 September 2018, the Innovation Festival for Balkan Region (WB6).

This regional initiative initiated by the Tirana Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Municipality of Tirana, in partnership with the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, Protik, AIDA, Economic Diplomacy, MEPJ, WKO, etc., brings for the first time an innovation to introduce our entrepreneurship in relation to the global economy.


The event that coincides with the Toronto World Summit Festival, Canada, designed as the "Future of the World in the World" organized by Trend Hunter, is an open opportunity for entrepreneurship to create sustainable competitive advantages through continuous INOVACION .


Your presentation will have full Access at the 3 day conference on the presentation of the product/service that you offer on one of the festival days to international investors, the diplomatic corps accredited in our country, the largest investors of our country (Balfin Group, Kastrati Group, Salillari, etc.), B2B with business delegations from Austria, Netherlands, EBA, Croatia, Slovenia, Estonia, etc., as well as selecting the best innovative projects from foreign and national partners who have the maximum interest in ' got acquainted with innovative ideas and invested in them.


Given the importance of innovation and the support that you as entrepreneurs give in favour of innovations and innovations to your companies, we invite you to be an applicant and part of this 3 day festival in Tirana.


Attach the Find Application Form as well as other details to be your service provider and product by category;

1. Start-ups (tourism, food technology and ecology)

2. Tourism

3. Energy

4. Telecommunication

5. Technology

6. Financial Institutions / Banks

Target groups that bring technological and innovative changes to the market.


We point out that the deadline for tracking your presentation and application format is 15 June 2018 at the link or


All further information will be updated at:


Fan page:



Welcoming any project proposed by you and your enterprises that also have the possible b2bs with the Balkan enterprises.



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