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Some industries in Slovenia might re-start their operations immediately after the Easter holidays

The Slovenian government is thinking to prepare  measures which would enable to relaunch activities of certain industrial branches already after the Easter holidays.


Turkey has introduced an electronic Form A (Certificate of Movement)

From 8 April 2020, certificates of origin and Form A documents from Turkey will only be issued electronically by Turkish chambers of commerce and industry and unions through the MEDOS system (Automation System for Certificate of Origin & Movement Certificates). There will be no wet-ink signature or stamps on these documents. Each electronically issued and endorsed certificate will bear an unique and unreproducible QR verification code so that the accuracy and authenticity of the documents could be easily verified by the importing authority.

So, if you receive a new form of export document accompanying your shipment from Turkey, it is probably all right and the EU national customs authorities are already aware of it.


Useful information for the manufacture and sale of protective equipment and supplies

Recently, Slovenian and foreign enterprises have often been looking for appropriate information related to the production, sale, import and export of protective equipment and supplies used for protection against COVID – 19 according to the Standard Classification Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia prepared some detailed and useful explanations regarding this topic.


Exports and imports in January 2020 higher than in January 2019

According to the provisional data provided by the national Statistical Office, Slovenia in January 2020 exported 10.6% more goods and imported 5.2% more goods than in January 2019. The growth was mostly a result of increased trade with EU non-member countries.



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